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Diele glatt/geriffelt

Thermo Bamboo

Diele glatt/geriffelt SNF


Ab 7. Dezember

Expresslieferung möglich

Ab 7. Dezember

Expresslieferung möglich
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185 cm



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185 cm

Querschnitt 20x137mm

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Thermo Bamboo Diele glatt/geriffelt 20x137mm


Main product features of Bamboo board

  • This plank can be used on both sides. One side has a smooth side, the other side is ribbed.
  • The product must be mounted by using a COBRA20 clip
  • Moso® products come with a 25-year warranty, from the date of purchase. Ensure planks are installed in accordance with manufacturer's instructions. Read the installation manual carefully before installing the material. No warranty claims can be made if the equipment is not installed correctly! The warranty conditions can be found here.

Additional editing SNF

This product is provided with an end matched tongue and groove. With this, planks are pushed into each other from the head, so that they are laid one after the other lengthwise. This saves sawing loss and processing time.


EUTR: this product complies with the European Timber Regulation – 995/2010. This European regulation prohibits the marketing of illegally harvested wood. The party that first places the product on the European market has a duty of care to demonstrate that the product has not been illegally harvested or traded.

KD 18-20% Humidity

This product is machine dried back (kiln dried) to a moisture content that is in balance with the typical outdoor usage. Upon delivery, the product has a more or less elaborated shape and will mainly shrink or expand (provided assembling instructions are properly applied) depending on the weather conditions.

FAS Grade

This product is sorted according to the FAS (First and Second) grade. This is the most common and also the highest grade of (tropical) hardwood. With this grading, at least 83.3% of the wood is free from defects, small defects can occur over the remaining part. For complete defect-free processing, this product must be assembled saw-falling.


Solid bamboo planks are an ecological choice. The bamboo strips are thermally modified and then compressed under high pressure. This process of thermal sealing makes the terrace extremely stable and durable. The Bamboo has a natural look like (tropical) wood.

Bamboo is very stable and has a brown to dark brown color. Bamboo is perfect for outdoor use and especially for decking. The decking has a special treatment and a high-quality finish with terrace oil that prevents rapid weathering and limits the development of surface fungi.

Bamboo can vary in colour, structure and appearance. The color and texture will change over time depending on maintenance. The planks have a warm brown color when placed. In the months after processing, this changes to a light caramel color.


  • Strong material
  • More stable than wood
  • < li>Durable
  • Quiet appearance
  • Especially for decking


The installation of Bamboo goes quick and easy. The clips are placed in the grooves on the sides of the plank and screwed into the joists. With the clips there is no need to pre-drill the decking as with a fully bolted installation.


Abholung ab dem 7. Dezember. oder Lieferung zwischen dem 11. Dezember und 22. Dezember. Fragen Sie nach den Möglichkeiten der Expresslieferung.



Thermo Bamboo


MS1 - Diele glatt/geriffelt












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What are Bamboo planks?

In comparison with the most stable type of wood, Bamboo still wins. It is very stable and has a brown to dark brown color. Bamboo is perfect for outdoor use and especially for decking.