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Tripel Trapezprofil

Thermo Pappelholz

Tripel Trapezprofil


Deckende Breite: 125mm

Ab 7. Dezember

Expresslieferung möglich

Ab 7. Dezember

Expresslieferung möglich
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250 cm



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250 cm

Querschnitt 21x125mm

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183 zu produzieren


Thermo Pappelholz Tripel Trapezprofil 21x125mm


Important properties of Thermo Poplar triple block profile

  • The triple block profile is suitable for facades and walls to be processed both horizontally and vertically. The triple block profile is also known as the block profile or Danish sinding. If mounted vertically: Take into account left or right mounting so that the windward side does not force the rainwater into the groove.
  • Working width: 125 mm
  • The boards are sorted on one visible side, the rear may contain some scrapes, tire marks and/or roller marks.
  • The production reserves the right to deviate a maximum of 3-4% from the head size, in order to be able to produce a beautiful, straight and dimensionally stable product. planing. In addition, humidity can affect the head size (dry and warm weather causes shrinkage).
  • We supply wood at trade length. This means: not sawn square and not shortened to length, often with some excess length.
  • Dry cracks can be seen on the short sides. Always calculate at least 10 cm extra sawing loss in length.
  • Correct installation is very important. Good ventilation, sufficient framing and correct fastening are required. Before you start, read our mounting tips and instructions carefully!


EUTR: this product complies with the European Timber Regulation – 995/2010. This European regulation prohibits the marketing of illegally harvested wood. The party that first places the product on the European market has a duty of care to demonstrate that the product has not been illegally harvested or traded.

KD 18-20% Humidity

This product is machine dried back (kiln dried) to a moisture content that is in balance with the typical outdoor usage. Upon delivery, the product has a more or less elaborated shape and will mainly shrink or expand (provided assembling instructions are properly applied) depending on the weather conditions.

S/F Grade

This product is S/F sorted. This means a saw-falling grade in which the lowest class (extra) is sorted out. This grade is the most common for European and Russian coniferous wood.


Abholung ab dem 7. Dezember. oder Lieferung zwischen dem 11. Dezember und 22. Dezember. Fragen Sie nach den Möglichkeiten der Expresslieferung.



Thermo Pappelholz


P146 - Tripel Trapezprofil





Deckende Breite

Deckende Breite: 125mmm

working width




KD 18-20%



  • 250cm 1028379141406

What is a triple block profile?

Triple Block is a profile that gives Thermo Poplar facade cladding a modern appearance. The lines on the profile give the facade cladding and wall cladding a certain layering. This profile is also known as a Block profile or Danish Rabat. The chamfered grooves drive the water outwards, allowing the planks to be mounted horizontally or vertically.