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Ab 7. Dezember

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Ab 7. Dezember

Expresslieferung möglich
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420 cm

Querschnitt 21x45mm

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Important properties of ventilation slat

  • This profile creates good ventilation behind the facade panelling. With proper installation, rattling can prevent choking of the wood. This benefits the lifespan of the entire construction. Direct ground contact should be avoided when mounting ventilation slats.
  • We supply wood at trade length. This means: not sawn square and not shortened to length, often with some excess length.
  • Dry cracks can be seen on the short sides. Always calculate at least 10 cm extra sawing loss in length.
  • Correct installation is very important. Good ventilation, sufficient framing and correct fastening are required. Before you start, read our mounting tips and instructions carefully!


EUTR: this product complies with the European Timber Regulation – 995/2010. This European regulation prohibits the marketing of illegally harvested wood. The party that first places the product on the European market has a duty of care to demonstrate that the product has not been illegally harvested or traded.

KD 18-20% Humidity

This product is machine dried back (kiln dried) to a moisture content that is in balance with the typical outdoor usage. Upon delivery, the product has a more or less elaborated shape and will mainly shrink or expand (provided assembling instructions are properly applied) depending on the weather conditions.

S/F Grade

This product is S/F sorted. This means a saw-falling grade in which the lowest class (extra) is sorted out. This grade is the most common for European and Russian coniferous wood.

Impregnated Spruce

The distribution area of ​​Spruce extends from all of Central Europe to Northern Asia. In relation to the relatively low weight, the wood has good strength and elastic properties. That is why wood is the most commonly used construction wood or construction wood in our part of the world.

Spruce wood is one of the most well-known and used coniferous wood species. Spruce is often used as construction wood and lumber. Spruce beams, planks, battens and rails are used, for example, in timber frame construction or as the basis of a roof construction. The wood is lightweight, easy to work with and inexpensive to purchase. This makes this type of wood attractive to use for your jobs in and around the house.

The wood has long fibers and is yellow in color with clearly recognizable annual rings. The grain of Spruce is straight. Spruce is a softwood with a strong, even structure.


  • Affordable
  • Light and natural color
  • Durability class 4
  • Many applications
  • Easy to work with

Spruce is a type of wood that is easy to work with. The planks and beams must be pre-drilled before bolting. In addition, we always advise to use stainless steel screws and fasteners, this prevents stains on the wood.

Note: Deep milling, sawing lengthwise or sawing again can expose tensions. These stresses may have arisen during drying and processing. This is one of the reasons why we recommend adding 10% wood to your order. This way you can be sure that you have enough material to work with.


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KD 18-20%



  • 420cm 3506963775926

What is a Ventilation slat?

Ventilation slats can be attached behind the Impregnated pine facade (Swedish rabat, channel siding rabat or other facade cladding and wall cladding). The notches in the slat allow moisture to be drained better and provide extra ventilation. In addition, the slats are high-pressure impregnated and this is a sustainable choice for behind cladding.